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Post  dracki on Sun Mar 04, 2012 2:19 am

Hello everyone, this is Jason the creator of the DRACKISERIES channel and this FORUM!!

I hope you like the forum, it is simple and easy to use but it is a work in progress so please bare with us if there are some parts of the forum which are not up to standard yet! Anyways, get onto business about this new Minecraft Forum, which has a similar structure to the Curse's Minecraft Forum (http://www.minecraftforum.net/) of which have the following forums which you can display content in. In each forum there is a FORUM RULES SECTION which you must abide to otherwise your posts will be deleted you may be kicked from the forum.

1) Minecraft Custom Maps - This is where you can advertise you made up Custom Maps so other people can download them and try them out.
2) Minecraft Mods - This is where you post your Minecraft Mods that you have created for Minecraft. Please realise that these mods need to highlighted towards a particular version of Minecraft (v1.1, v1.2 etc..) to avoid confusion.
3) Minecraft Pixel Art - This is where you can POST SCREENSHOTS ONLY of your pixel art that you created within Minecraft. Any other art created using video or not through using blocks in Minecraft goes in the MINECRAFT ART SECTION. Any videos found in posts will result in you being notified to take them off.
4) Minecraft Art - All other art based products made by you users will go in this forum.
5) Minecraft Updates and Pre-Releases - All discussion about recent releases of Minecraft go here.
6) Minecraft Videos - Any videos on Minecraft can go here providing they are Minecraft Mod Spotlights/Reviews, Playthroughts/Let's Plays or Minecraft News Videos. Again if the video does not meet the standards provided on the DRACKISERIES forum then it will be taken down.


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